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Wednesday 28 June 2017 Envy Valeting - Our Products - Envy car care
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The latest range of car care products are shown below and can be purchased from us when we visit to valet your car. For full product details and pictures, click on the product name below.


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Wash n wax
Envy Car Care > Wash n wax

From: £7.99 (inc VAT)

New to Envy A luxurious shampoo, based on our popular maintenance shampoo. Wash n wax contains genuine carnauba content to help top up your cars wax with regular use. Smelling delightful, you cant help but love this product. pH neutral, biodegradable and compared to our other shampoo DOES have gloss enhancers! 1 x 500ml ...
Speed gloss (formerly FA)
Envy Car Care > Speed gloss (formerly FA)

From: £28.00 (inc VAT)

Speed Gloss is the new name for FA A totally unique product to Envy Car Care, Speed Gloss will leave you wondering how you managed without it from your 1st use onwards. Speed Gloss is strongly attracted to the painted finish (and surfaces like glass and plastics) and quickly forms a ...
Rubber Lover
Envy Car Care > Rubber Lover

From: £9.99 (inc VAT)

Durable solvent based tyre dressing using a blend of siloxane polymers to provide a highly glossy finish which is resistant to inclement weather, road soils and vehicle washing. The special liquid formulation is designed to spread easily, allowing for excellent economy and avoiding the issue of 'sling', a problem common ...
Red See
Envy Car Care > Red See

From: £6.99 (inc VAT)

Envy Car Care are pleased to bring you this delightful alcohol based glass cleaner for a streak free finish. Available in 500ml and 5L sizes. This product can be either sprayed directly onto cool glass, or onto a MF cloth and wiped. 1 x bottle/container ...
Filler Killer
Envy Car Care > Filler Killer

From: £7.49 (inc VAT)

*NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH* Serious about paint correction? Serious about true paint correction? Use Eraser or similar but want something colour free that smells NICER?! How can that be possible you say?! Well launching NOW is Filler Killer, new to Envy and the detailing world as a ...
Traffic Film Remover TFR
Envy Car Care > Traffic Film Remover TFR

From: £8.99 (inc VAT)

Ultra high strength TFR formulated with powerful cleaners, water softeners and foaming agents. Dissolves oily residues which bind together traffic films enabling superb cleaning power. Polymeric additives ensure that soils are encapsulated in the wash solution, facilitating easier rinsing and the specially formulated ...
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You are here: Home > Products > Envy Car Care >


Please note: If you would like to buy any of the products listed on the site to be delivered when we come to valet your vehicle, please let us know a few days in advance so that we can order the stock in ready for the appointment.
Envy Valeting - Our Products - Envy car care
Envy Valeting - Our Products - Envy car care