Bouncers - Bead Juice - 14.95
Thursday 14 December 2017 Bouncers - Bead Juice - 14.95
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Bead Juice

Bead Juice
In Stock
14.95 (inc VAT)
New from Bouncer's is Bead Juice.

A Nano Tech Exterior Protection Sealant that can be applied either wet or dry.
Bead Juice is perfectly safe to use on any other coating or existing wax layers. - Can also be used on all exterior inc glass/plastics/alloys etc.
Keep your car protected and looking cleaner for longer.

Dry method. As you would a Quick Detailer, very light mist onto a panel, spread well with soft buffing cloth, turn over cloth and buff again if necessary. Done.

Wet Method. After your usual wash method i.e rinse after shampoo, spray the product onto the wet panel and rinse off straightaway.

The product is very active, so you can 'level' out the product as well by spreading with a soft MF or sponge applicator, then rinse off - Dry car normally.

Either way, you are looking at 3-4++ months strong protection. Providing strong beading and sheeting, Bead Juice is certainly a product to have, its so easy to use, its almost 'cheating'
Contents for this kit:
1 x 250ml


Please note: If you would like to buy any of the products listed on the site to be delivered when we come to valet your vehicle, please let us know a few days in advance so that we can order the stock in ready for the appointment.

Bouncers - Bead Juice - 14.95
Bouncers - Bead Juice - 14.95